It’s that time of year again when local artists get down on their hands and knees to create colorful chalk paintings. Avenue Art New Mexico 2015 is coming up this Saturday the 25th and Deret Roberts and I are going to be there chalking away!



From 7am to 2pm we’ll be live painting something scaly and want YOU to be there to cheer us on! Come watch us get chalked! Enjoy the sunshine, local cuisine, fresh produce from the Mesilla Valley, and the fabulous creations by local vendors of the Las Cruces Farmer’s Market. AAAAAND come vote for Team Hull/Roberts, because we’ll be working hard to bring our collaborative illustration to life!


A BIG THANKS to the Downtown Las Cruces Partnership for putting this event on for the 4th year in a row! And a GIANT THANK YOU to Southern New Mexico PRIDE for sponsoring Deret and I as artists! This is the first year that we’ll be sponsored artists and we’re so excited!

Check out the Art Avenue FB page HERE!






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