It’s the perfect time to place your Holiday order!


Plan ahead this year! Ordering a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted, watercolor portrait in November allows to you enough time for framing, wrapping, and feeling super accomplished.

Think of it, it’s Christmas morning, your husband is opening a flat package he hadn’t seen the night before. His curiosity is peaked when he realizes that no wrench, no pair of socks, no pair of pajamas could be packaged like this. He tears the package open and ruins the incredibly kind and sweet and awesome and one-of-a-kind portrait you bought him. KIDDING. That wouldn’t happen because I package those babies up real nice–AND in all recycled materials. Saving the world, I know, I know, it’s awesome, no need for applause. So, where were we? Oh yeah, he’s carefully opening his brown-paper-package wrapped gift to reveal a hand-painted, watercolor portrait of the two of you from a photograph taken on your honeymoon. It’s a colorful, unique, unbelievably thoughtful gift that he couldn’t have even imagined receiving. He begins to sob and you two profess your love for one another, embracing each other beneath your Christmas tree, or any other holiday decorations of your respective observances, and then you watch reruns of How I Met Your Mother over hot apple cider. Do you see? That’s the kind of magic these hands can work! Incredible, pull-at-your-heart-strings, you-had-me-at-hello magic!

But wait, you can also gift that to your parents, to your kids, to your dogs, to your grandma who loves her dog more than she loves you, to your boss whose cat recently was stricken my feline leukemia and passed this October. This gift is perfect for just about every occasion. So call me crazy, but I like my product and I feel that we can really work on something together to make art that will stand the test of time (if placed in a solid frame and not left in direct sunlight–preventive conservation, people!).

I know what a lot of you are thinking, did she really bring up feline leukemia? And yes, yes I did. It’s a serious matter and you should stay informed.

If that’s not what you were thinking, then the only other possible thought was “This girl Jamila is ABSOLUTELY right. How have I lived thus far sans-Jellywell Art Portraits? Is the meaning of life bringing others happiness through small gestures of kindness?” Yes, yes it is.

Enjoy 10% off your portrait with coupon code “PNKNPIE” AND receive a FREE DIGITAL PORTRAIT! Good thru 11/30/14. Cannot be combined with any other offer, coupon, promotion, or sale. CAN be used by everyone, so tell your friends.

When you receive a Digital Copy disc with your order you can throw your color-corrected-hi-res image onto Greeting cards, shirts, prints, social media sites, emails, and anywhere else you might want it!

Holiday Greeting Card


Also, Happy November. Be thankful always, but especially when there is a month dedicated to pie.










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